Competence in refrigeration engineering!

The Westermann Kältetechnik GmbH has been offering innovative refrigeration engineering, air ventilation and filter systems for over 50 years.

Refrigerating plants

  • Refrigeration systems for box vehicles
  • Refrigeration systems and cold storage for ships
  • Stationary refrigeration systems and cooling cells of all sizes and designs

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Air conditioning Systems

  • Air conditioners in the field of bus air conditioning
  • Chillers and engine room air conditioning
  • Stationary air conditioners e.g. Server, office and residential buildings

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  • Mobile protective ventilation and dust filter systems
  • Stationary filter systems for pollutants, dust generation and non-smoker protection


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Mechatroniker, Elektriker oder Quereinsteiger

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Our brands

System solution for refrigeration and air conditioning

Initially brought to life for the area of special climates, our brand CLION is today implemented around the globe - not only on the roads, waterways or on rail.

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System solution for maritime and mobile air conditioning systems

Save energy and enjoy more comfort!  This is the base for the new CLION-MARINE air conditioning systems for yachts and boats.

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System solution for refrigerated transports

Is a Specially Developed Transport Refrigeration System. The systems were tailored to all common vehicle types and applications.

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