Pharma Mobil

Pharma Development for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles - Trucks (Pharma Mobile)

With the Hahlbrock-Pharma Development, your new truck is equipped to comply with §7 of the German Good Manufacturing Regulation [AMWHV] and is in accordance with the Austrian Pharmaceutical Drug Law (AMBO 2009). The PharmaMobil guarantees  the prescribed prevention of a sustainable influence of the quality, as it  ensures constant environmental conditions.


The optimal insulation of the cargo bay, the swing doors and the tuned climatization in connection  with the extended driver’s cabin air conditioning provides perfect transport conditions from +15°C up to +25°C.

The temperature monitoring  takes place via a digital operating element found in the driver’s cabin, the vehicle is ready for installation  of temperature monitoring devices to fulfill current as well as future legal specifications.


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